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We understand the different types of framing options can often become a little confusing. Below you will see in layman’s terms the different types of framing options and their uses. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

When you have selected a piece of Art, it is time to think about framing and the qualified staff at The Artist Workshop will help you select the framing to enhance the artwork. If you wish to match your home or office décor, woodwork or even match your fabric color, simply bring in samples and we will help you choose the style, size and color to best display your pieces. 

We use only preservation quality mat boards, which mean we use a mat board either made from wood pulp or cotton fiber that is acid-free and approved by the Library of Congress for preservation framing. These mat boards will protect your artwork and resist fading. We have a large selection of wood and metal samples to fit any décor, Modern and Heritage. Once you choose a frame and type of glass, either regular clear, reflective control (non glare), conservation clear, conservation reflective control glass or Art Glass, we are ready to proceed with actually mounting your piece.